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From creating floor plans to arranging
art and accessories

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Custom furniture, product, and fixture

Lighting design

Room Revivals - updating using your own

Room Realities - staging for optimum
real estate value
The nautilus is a symbol of
beauty and proportional
perfection, with ideal form
that serves as our motivation
on each project.  At Lessard
Design Associates, we strive
for the highest quality in
design and service.
We do windows!

Every room needs that finishing touch that says, "now I'm
ready to be lived in!"  The last step in creating that
comfortable, welcoming environment is
dressing the
.  A window without a little bit of color is like
announcing to your world that you haven't decided if
you're staying or not...there's a feeling of
"incompleteness".  Lessard Design Associates offers a
wide range of
fabrics to help you put that finishing touch
in your home or office, and can even design unique
styles to complement your personal taste.
With all eyes on design . . . .

You have a room crowded with too much furniture,
too much history.  You know it could be much more
comfortable, you just don't know what to do.  Call us
for a
Room Revival and in two hours we will turn your
old space into an extraordinary place using your
existing furnishings and accessories... relocated,
rearranged, and revived!**

Just click             to provide all the necessary
information for us to help you.  

**Standard fee based on projects within 30-minute drive from    
Athens, Georgia. Contact us for additional information.
Room Revival Guidelines
A simple and small living space . . .
. . . expanded!
creative design for
It takes a plan to bring
dreams into the realm
of possibility...
let us
create your
Another good reason to have window helps
eliminate those
large black holes at night!  We all love
to let the light pour in through our large
windows, giving us a great view of our
nearby world.  Nighttime can be a
different matter, though.  Let Lessard
Design Associates allow you to
appreciate your daytime view
and your
nighttime privacy and security.